The Songkran Festival is the biggest festival in Thailand and marks the beginning of the Thai New Year. Undoubtedly, the highlight of this event is its water splashing tradition. Every year from 13 -15 April locals and tourists gather on the streets to celebrate the Thai New Year and engage in one massive water fight. People of all ages join in and have best time together.

For me it is the first time ever in Thailand, which also means that it is the first time experiencing the Songkran Festival. Together with a friend I went to Koh Tao to celebrate it.

In Koh Tao they celebrate the event 1 day on 13 April. The first half of the day I was doing a Scuba Diving course. While driving back after the diving we already got soaking wet. Everywhere on the streets were people with water pistols, buckets full of water, water hoses and anything else that can hold water. It does not matter if you are in the back of a car, driving a motorbike or just walking, nobody is safe from the water fight.
We decided to go to the center of Koh Tao where many pubs and restaurants are located. On the way we bought our own water pistol and started shooting at everyone we passed. Everywhere you looked people were laughing, having fun together, partying and children were running around.

We came to a corner were a lot of people were partying and joined them for some time. Whenever people had to pass they got soaked in water by the partying people. While walking to a restaurant I also got covered with white powdery paint called Din-Sor-Pong, which protects you against evil. The restaurant seemed to be the only safe place outside where nobody shoots water at you.

Celebrating the Songkran Festival has been one of my favorite experiences in Thailand! It is very unique and you feel like reliving your childhood again.