To celebrate my birthday, I travelled to Hua Hin with both of my parents for a weekend and opted to visit one of the night markets the city has to offer.
There are several night markets in Hua Hin, but we chose to go to the Cicada Market and the Tamarind Night Market. Because these two markets are relatively nearby, and therefor easy to combine. From Hua Hin’s centre, we grabbed a Bolt taxi to the Cicada Market. It was only about a 10-minute drive away.
We started at the Cicada Market, which is one of the largest in Hua Hin and is popular with both tourists and Thais. When we walked into the market, there was a band playing some relaxing music. The market is set up large enough that you can go by the stalls even if it is crowded, and there is enough space to walk by each other from both directions. This was quite beneficial because many markets have a very narrow way between the stalls and it is difficult to pass past people, so this was certainly an advantage. It’s also remarkable that the stalls are all white. This was a really ordered and minimalistic sight, with numerous lamps in the trees giving the market a nice atmosphere.
The market is divided into four distinct sectors. You have a section where you can buy fashion and fashion accessories, an art factory, a section with Thai cuisine stalls, and an Amphitheatre where you can view free performances regularly. There is also a spacious seating area with tables and chairs where you may enjoy your meal or a drink while listening to live music. After walking through the Cicada Market we went to the Tamarind Night Market, which is only a few minutes’ walk away.

Tamarind Night Market is nearly entirely made up of food and drink stalls serving a variety of cuisines, so there’s certain to be something you like. There is also a stage where live music is performed, as well as a huge seating area with chairs and tables where you can eat or drink while listening to the music. The market has many colourful lanterns hanging from the trees, providing a great atmosphere.Because of the live music and the colourful lanterns on the trees, I preferred the Tamarind market for dining over the Cicada market. However, because the marketplaces are nearby, you may easily combine them and choose which one you like the most.

It’s also important to note that if you wish to visit these markets, they’re only open on weekends (Friday, Saturday & Sunday).

Lisa Oude Maatman