Project Description

Vietnam is an exhilarating country to travel, with vibrant street life, exquisite food and epic landscapes awaiting your discovery. A nation on the move, Vietnam balances cool urban culture with traditional values.

Stretching 1,650 km from north to south – nestled between Laos and Cambodia to the west and the Gulf of Tonkin, the Gulf of Thailand and the Pacific Ocean to the east – Vietnam has become widely popular in recent years as a growing tourism destination with much to offer.

Spend a few days in this fascinating country and you’ll quickly discover why more and more journey-makers the globe over are making Vietnam one of their must-see destinations in South East Asia.

The beating heart of Vietnam is colonial grandeur and stylish luxury retreats, green jungles, fragrant food and smiling locals. Then add to this a spectacular coastline dotted with translucent bays, delightful beaches and great scuba diving spots, top-tier golf courses and an endearing low-key charm and welcoming character.

In Vietnam you can simply relax and immerse yourself in the ebb and flow of everyday life, as the locals do. No one has mastered the art of enjoying life like the Vietnamese… grab a bicycle and mosey along the green rice paddies, taking time along the way to pop in and out of cafes for freshly brewed coffee and freshly baked baguettes. Its cities are alive with energy and they buzz to the almost mesmerizing soundtrack of a million scooters.

Several distinct climate patterns from north to south see northern Vietnam enjoy cooler weather from December to March, while April brings sunny skies until the monsoon rains arrive in June. Central Vietnam is blessed with plenty of sunshine most of the year, although November and December can be wet and overcast. Southern Vietnam is always warm, with temperatures soaring in the middle of the year and daily downpours typical from June to August.

Vietnam has one of the world’s healthiest and most mouth-watering cuisines. Discovering the delicious diversity of tastes and dishes that exist from north to south – from simple home-cooking to addictive street eats to modern Vietnamese dining – is a delightful culinary exploration. In the capital Hanoi in the north, locals may lunch on bún chả with slices of pork belly, while in Ho Chi Minh City in the south the preference is for bánh xèo (crispy pancakes) rolled with greens and dipped in sweet-and-sour fish sauce. In the former Imperial City in Hue, the meaty bún bò is a breakfast favourite and in Hoi An the quick snack of choice is a bowl of cao lầu noodles.

Vietnam is a stunningly beautiful land where remarkable journeys of discovery are yours to enjoy, and enjoyed best with Travel Exclusive Asia.