After two years of COVID, our office had become busy again mid this year. Till May 2022 it had been too quiet for a good two years. Now there was a new and re-found energy with many new bookings and great guests visiting gorgeous Thailand.

See us in action on our October ’22 Team Outing in Bangkok!

So suddenly we found ourselves in July and August being taken away with a huge amount of work in our new office. What a renewed luxury to be in again, after such a long time of not having had any guests in the country.

It was therefore time to take our quickly grown team to see the old beauties of Bangkok and to check out how business was blooming. So, we decided to use Friday 14 October 2022 to go out from our office and re-discover the capital of Thailand.

We started with a short MRT ride to Sam Yot station where we first visited the former Central Prison which has been turned into a museum since 1987: Bangkok Corrections Museum. Sadly, it has been closed now and no clear date is given for re-opening.


From there we continued our walking discovery tour of Bangkok and had a great morning coffee at Kope Hya Tai Kee, the famous local place since 1952. Fabulous menu for both food and drinks. From here we walked to the Giant Swing in front of Wat Suthat. Dating back to 1784, the Giant Swing was the first on the scene and, today, can be found just outside the entrance to the temple.

We then stopped for lunch at the famous, Michelin Star awarded street food restaurant Jay Fai. We ordered the Thai omelet, stuffed with loads of fresh crab meat. Just to die for!!! The Tom Yam Seafood is also not to be missed. Admittingly a little pricey but a real ‘once in a lifetime’ changing experience.

Next stop was at the Flower Market or Talat Pak Khlong. Here we had a little game to see who of us could make a nice, fresh garland in the shortest time. It turned out to be a real challenge…not as easy as it looks!!

We rounded up our walking tour with a nice tuk tuk ride to Wat Pho or also known as The Temple of The Reclining Buddha. Still an amazing sight and with a nice one-hour visit, during which the team paid their respects, we each went our own way and let the weekend settle in…

Lisa Oude Maatman