It was a nice Pre-Christmas Day in Bangkok, 2019. I had decided I wanted to go to and re-visit our Chiang Mai office and of course to see some nice friends and ‘check-out’ suppliers. Since it was a two weeks holiday for my 8-year-old son, we went together, driving up instead of taking the train or plane.

Within an hour we were stopped by the police; they had caught me speeding and my son told me already so…….When we got out of the car, the guy asked me where you are from; Holland. That gave him a big smile, as he knew the orange soccer players, more than me.

The fine was ‘just’ 500 THB for speeding 20 KM….imagine this back home; it would have cost me a lot of money and might have cost me my license for a while. Incredible fact was that there was a gang of Thai Harley bikers, also queuing to pay their fines in cash to the police. They had sped over 70 KM per person and also got the same THB 500 fine…..

We continued our trip over great roads up North. It still surprises me that Thailand has such an excellent road system: well-maintained roads and highways, all signboards in Thai and English. Even a self-drive tourist can’t get lost!
After 400 to 500 km we reached Sukhothai. The place we spent the night was the great Legendha Resort, located just a few hundred meters away from the National Park.

At Sukhothai National park you can easily find and rent local bikes. 50 THB gives you about 2 hours’ time to go cycling around the park (entrance fee THB 100 per person; 20 THB per bicycle extra). This is especially nice when you do this around sunset. Not too hot, and beautiful picca’s.

We had a lovely, hosted dinner at the hotel, and the next morning we continued our trip via Lampang to Chiang Mai. We arrived around midday at the renovated La Mai Hotel, where fantastic rooms, beautifully renovated, a small pool and a great service were awaiting us. In the evening we went to David’s Kitchen, a great restaurant on the ‘outskirts’ of Chiang Mai; impressive menu, lovey wine list and super service.

We had finally arrived in this Rose of the North and went to sleep to dream about our adventure the next day…

Andre (& Ayden!) van der Marck